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* Quick fix for #765 - ACL checks in the media manager ajax callsMichael Hamann2014-06-25
* Merge pull request #561 from splitbrain/dir_deleteAndreas Gohr2014-02-22
| * replace dir_delete by io_rmdirGerrit Uitslag2014-02-20
* | Removed unused vars, define undefined onesGerrit Uitslag2014-02-20
* fix the default ordering of media files to be "natural".Christopher Smith2013-08-03
* use var and remove suggestions when neededKlap-in2013-02-03
* Add a break to ajax_qsearch()Klap-in2013-01-29
* Replacing $_REQUEST variables with $INPUT wrapper, init.phpHakan Sandell2012-09-08
* more $INPUT use FS#2577Andreas Gohr2012-08-24
* Fix HTML injection in mediaFileList (Secunia advisory SA49196)Adrian Lang2012-07-13
* Removed obsolete Opera fix that now causes harm FS#2429Andreas Gohr2012-01-18
* fixed whitespace error introduced with 475aa19Anika Henke2011-12-04
* Added urldecoding of query for qsearchdploeger2011-12-04
* deprecated 3rd parameter of cleanID() FS#2377Andreas Gohr2011-11-28
* Use JSON wrapper in image upload (FS#2345)schplurtz le déboulonné2011-10-27
* issue #61 security fixKate Arzamastseva2011-09-06
* issue #47 Changes to old media manager popup: removing edit and delete functi...Kate Arzamastseva2011-09-02
* issue #57, function names, params, html fixesKate Arzamastseva2011-08-24
* issue #44 uploader fixes, #45 browser testingKate Arzamastseva2011-08-21
* issue #44 new uploader in the media popupKate Arzamastseva2011-08-19
* issue #50 styling the new uploaderKate Arzamastseva2011-08-15
* issue #44, #52 media_upload reused, error handlingKate Arzamastseva2011-08-12
* issue #44 overwrite checkbox added to uploaderKate Arzamastseva2011-08-08
* issue #44 multi file uploaderKate Arzamastseva2011-08-04
* issue #38 diff links only if diff available; deleted filesKate Arzamastseva2011-08-03
* image diffs fixesKate Arzamastseva2011-07-26
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// into media-revi...Kate Arzamastseva2011-07-15
| * Fix some bugs and glitches in (mediamanager) treeAdrian Lang2011-07-11
* | mediamanager ajax formsKate Arzamastseva2011-07-04
* | ajax mediamanager fixKate Arzamastseva2011-07-03
* | ajax mediamanagerKate Arzamastseva2011-07-03
* Remove the security token from the ajax draft/lock calls againMichael Hamann2011-05-25
* Check permissions + security token in lock + draft modification FS#2265Michael Hamann2011-05-24
* avoid warning in linkwizard when a space is entered as queryAndreas Gohr2011-02-11
* added missing change for path length shortener in ajax backendAndreas Gohr2011-01-15
* coding style fixAndreas Gohr2011-01-14
* Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
* Work around WebKit bug: newlines at the end of input values are removed.Adrian Lang2010-09-22
* fixed locktimer/draft saving on new pagesAndreas Gohr2010-08-11
* Wrap $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA in !empty() to avoid NOTICE in error logsChristopher Smith2010-06-27
* FS#433: Editor now uses onbeforeunload event to capture ANY leaving of itGina Haeussge2010-06-27
* Changes to the ft_pageLookup and related event FS#1978Andreas Gohr2010-06-26
* Perform quick search in title as wellAdrian Lang2010-06-16
* removed dead leftover code from media searchAndreas Gohr2010-03-12
* Merge branch 'requireall'Andreas Gohr2010-03-12
| * removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* | honor sneaky_index config in link manager FS#1907Andreas Gohr2010-02-28
* New dformat() function for fuzzy date supportAndreas Gohr2009-10-07
* Search capabilities for the media manager added.sarnowski2009-08-24
* added MEDIAMANAGER_CONTENT_OUTPUT eventAndreas Gohr2009-08-30