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* Remove error supression for file_exists()Andreas Gohr2015-01-07
* remove property rev from xhtml.phplisps2013-11-22
* add parameter at($DATE_AT) and mind revisionslisps2013-11-21
* remove 'infos' misspellingElan Ruusamäe2013-11-13
* fix expression passed by referenceGerrit Uitslag2013-10-15
* Fix CodeSniffer violationsMatt Perry2013-08-20
* include image info in in detail.php; ensure populated before DETAIL_STARTED...Christopher Smith2013-03-03
* introduced http_status() for sending HTTP status code FS#1698Andreas Gohr2013-02-16
* added missing DETAIL_STARTED event to lib/exe/detail.phpAnika Henke2012-09-09
* Input wrapper for exe scriptsTom N Harris2012-06-28
* Added some 404 handling to lib/exe/detail.phpAndreas Gohr2010-10-02
* populate $INFO in lib/exe/detail.php FS#2041Andreas Gohr2010-10-02
* coding style cleanup in lib/exe/detail.phpAndreas Gohr2010-10-02
* removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* Whitespace cleanup FS#1709furun2009-10-16
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30
* don't use realpath() anymore (FS#1261 and others)Andreas Gohr2007-09-30
* suppress boring errorsBen Coburn2006-09-08
* make image details indexableAndreas Gohr2006-08-07
* Fix umask bug and do a code cleanup of chmod/mkdir usage so set the correct p...Troels Liebe Bentsen2006-02-24
* file cleanupsAndreas Gohr2006-02-17
* option for disabling debug outputAndreas Gohr2005-10-27
* some fixes for getID and the detail pageAndreas Gohr2005-10-21
* URL rewriting for media filesAndreas Gohr2005-08-14
* fallback to default template if custom one is not availableAndreas Gohr2005-07-29
* first step in Image metadata supportAndreas Gohr2005-07-24