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* fix misspelled variable name,Christopher Smith2014-03-05
* Re-order parameters to not break other callersGerry Weißbach2014-01-27
* Use original filename for Content-DispositionGerry Weißbach2014-01-27
* media image can be resized by height (without width)lisps2013-11-27
* Add check for token when resizing and caching external imagesKlap-in2013-05-21
* refactor fetch to support unittestingChristopher Smith2013-03-22
* add a token to fetch urls requiring image resize/crop to prevent external DDO...Christopher Smith2013-03-22
* there's no pragma: privateAndreas Gohr2013-03-03
* max-age not allowed with no-cacheAndreas Gohr2013-03-03
* adjusted cache=0 headers againAndreas Gohr2013-03-03
* fixed passed cache parameterAndreas Gohr2013-03-03
* handle public vs. private ressource in sendFile()Andreas Gohr2013-03-03
* alternative fix for FS#2734Andreas Gohr2013-03-01
* introduced http_status() for sending HTTP status code FS#1698Andreas Gohr2013-02-16
* run main code only for non-tests in lib/exe/fetch.phpAndreas Gohr2013-02-16
* reformatted lib/exe/fetch.phpAndreas Gohr2013-02-16
* correctly check hash parameter in media dispatcher FS#2648Andreas Gohr2012-10-23
* Replacing $_REQUEST variables with $INPUT wrapper, fetch.phpHakan Sandell2012-09-08
* replaced use of basename() with utf8_basename() FS#2015Andreas Gohr2012-07-28
* Input wrapper for exe scriptsTom N Harris2012-06-28
* fetch.php with rev parameterKate Arzamastseva2011-06-04
* Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
* Merge branch 'requireall'Andreas Gohr2010-03-12
| * removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* | Send 403 instead of 401 in fetch.php FS#1904Andreas Gohr2010-02-24
* | Changed FETCH_MEDIA_4XERROR to FETCH_MEDIA_STATUSAndreas Gohr2010-02-23
* | Added FETCH_MEDIA_4XERROR eventGerry Weißbach2010-02-23
* Whitespace cleanup FS#1709furun2009-10-16
* require a hash in fetch.php for external URLs FS#1769Andreas Gohr2009-10-06
* Use all available icons for file links (FS#1759)Tom N Harris2009-09-26
* Support for multirange requests for media FS#1630Andreas Gohr2009-03-13
* add http_sendfile() functionChris Smith2009-01-18
* Make content-disposition configurable in mime.conf FS#1541Andreas Gohr2008-12-02
* moved crop/resize functions out of fetch.php for reusabilityMichael Klier2008-10-26
* fetch.php file not existing and devision by zerogweissbach2008-08-05
* Avoid div by zero in get_cropped() FS#1453Gerry Weissbach2008-07-27
* MEDIA_SENDFILE event addedAndreas Gohr2008-06-23
* always crop when height is givenAndreas Gohr2008-05-16
* prefer the upper part of portrait photos when croppingAndreas Gohr2008-05-16
* removed debugging codeAndreas Gohr2008-05-16
* image cropping support in fetch.php - no syntax yetAndreas Gohr2008-05-16
* Set cache permissions after image resize FS#1359Otto Vainio2008-03-25
* Propritary Nginx X-Accel-Redirect headerpierre.pracht2008-03-15
* Check memory settings on ?doAndreas Gohr2008-02-23
* fix for resetting timelimit in fetch.php FS#1243Andreas Gohr2008-02-15
* transparent_gifs_wienecke2007-12-21
* X-Sendfile support for fetch.phpAndreas Gohr2007-10-08
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30
* don't use realpath() anymore (FS#1261 and others)Andreas Gohr2007-09-30
* better check for images in fetch.phpAndreas Gohr2006-10-18