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* Speed up indexer on lighttpd by using tpl_flush()Christoph Dwertmann2015-03-17
* Add ob_flush() to sendGIFChristoph Dwertmann2015-02-05
* Remove error supression for file_exists()Andreas Gohr2015-01-07
* more scrutinizer issue improvementsGerrit Uitslag2014-09-29
* scrutinizer documentations issuesGerrit Uitslag2014-09-29
* Fix CodeSniffer violationsMatt Perry2013-08-27
* indexer.php: disable the GIF output only with debug parameter and allowdebugMichael Hamann2013-04-08
* Merge branch 'subscription' Pull Request #125Andreas Gohr2013-01-26
| * correctly check if subscriptions are enabledAndreas Gohr2012-08-12
| * more subscription refactoring BROKENAndreas Gohr2012-08-12
* | lib/exe/indexer.php: Fix sending of the GIF when it is deferred FS#2646Michael Hamann2012-12-03
* | correct return in sendDigest()Andreas Gohr2012-11-27
* | Correct and add some PHPDoc comments, initialize some variablesMichael Hamann2012-09-07
* Input wrapper for exe scriptsTom N Harris2012-06-28
* some more debug output in the indexer webbugAndreas Gohr2012-04-19
* Merge branch 'master' into indexer_improvementsMichael Hamann2011-01-23
| * increase indexer version to reforce rebuild for the new title indexAndreas Gohr2011-01-16
| * Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
| * Render metadata when neededMichael Hamann2010-11-22
* | Indexer v3 Rewrite part two, update uses of indexerTom N Harris2010-12-29
* | Use a different indexer version when external tokenizer is enabledTom N Harris2010-11-17
* | Do not assume that index files will be backward compatibleTom N Harris2010-11-14
* Introduce metadata write wrapper p_save_metadataAdrian Lang2010-11-13
* Merge branch 'master', remote branch 'sitemap/master'Michael Hamann2010-11-02
| * Transformed the sitemapper into a classMichael Hamann2010-09-22
| * Sitemap rewriteMichael Hamann2010-09-22
* | Honor allowdebug setting in lib/exe/indexerAdrian Lang2010-10-25
* | removed deprecated index update functionAndreas Gohr2010-10-18
* Ignore small & own changes in digest & list mailsAdrian Lang2010-08-10
* Add title index to the indexer files, improve indexer callsAdrian Lang2010-06-16
* Remove temp indexer upgrade stuff from 579b0f7eAdrian Lang2010-06-16
* Add locking for indexer-based notificationsAdrian Lang2010-05-05
* Merge branch 'requireall'Andreas Gohr2010-03-12
| * removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* | Correct subscribe config parameter nameAdrian Lang2010-02-08
* | Fix documentation for subscribe_timeAdrian Lang2010-02-08
* Fix $info var reference in digest sendAdrian Lang2010-01-20
* wrong function name fixedAndreas Gohr2010-01-20
* correctly handle permissions in digest mailerAndreas Gohr2010-01-20
* Add events to subscription.Adrian Lang2010-01-20
* New mail subscription with digestAdrian Lang2010-01-20
* Emit less E_NOTICEs and E_STRICTsAdrian Lang2009-11-04
* Updated Microsoft sitemap ping URL for bingAndreas Gohr2009-10-14
* Prevent unnecessary updates of the changelog (FS#1758)Mykola Ostrovskyy2009-09-20
* removed importoldchangelog and importoldindex pluginsAndreas Gohr2009-01-25
* Media changelog addedmichael2009-01-18
* fixed the sitemap submission URL for MS Live SearchAndreas Gohr2008-06-23
* INDEXER_TASKS_RUN event for index-time hooksTom N Harris2008-02-26
* Fix border condition on recent change updateTom N Harris2007-10-16
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30