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* Merge branch 'jquery'Michael Hamann2011-05-29
| * fixed import for drag.js and started a rewrite of edit.jsMichal Rezler2011-03-30
| * JS API is corrected to the original stateMichal Rezler2011-03-28
| * helpers.js was removed - it basically contained functions they are implemente...Michal Rezler2011-03-27
| * cookie.js is jQueryfied, added jQuery-cookie-pluginMichal Rezler2011-03-26
| * locktimer.js is jQueryfiedMichal Rezler2011-03-26
| * jQuery rewrite branch merged into master branch of whole projectMichal Rezler2011-03-23
| |\
| * | Got rid of drag.js and added jQuery UI instead.Pierre Spring2010-10-10
| * | loading jQuery and putting it into noConflict modePierre Spring2010-10-10
* | | fixed some missing config_cascade occurrences (FS#2235)Anika Henke2011-05-07
* | | Make locktimer more robustAdrian Lang2011-04-21
| |/ |/|
* | moved locktimer class to its own fileAndreas Gohr2011-02-06
* | Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
* | Fix JS error due to disabled JS based hotkeys because of FS#1958Michael Hamann2010-10-26
* | disabled JS based hotkeys for next stable release FS#1958Andreas Gohr2010-10-22
* use config cascade for userscripts and styles FS#1678Andreas Gohr2010-06-27
* Hotkey trigger is now CTRL-ALT FS#1958Andreas Gohr2010-06-26
* temporary disable hotkey JS for FS#1958Andreas Gohr2010-06-22
* Reimplementation of Accesskeys in javascript (FS#1809), toolbar accesskyes fix.Marek Sacha2010-05-08
* Reimplementation of Accesskeys in JavaScript (FS#1809)Marek Sacha2010-05-08
* Rewrite JavaScript change checkAdrian Lang2010-03-26
* Merge branch 'requireall'Andreas Gohr2010-03-12
| * removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* | Disable locking when locktime is zeroDaniel Calviño Sánchez2010-02-15
* New mail subscription with digestAdrian Lang2010-01-20
* Factor out timer and delay managementAdrian Lang2010-01-12
* Allow hyphens and underscores in javascript include filenamesAdrian Lang2010-01-12
* Fix js_compress regexp detectionPierre Paysant-Le Roux2009-11-05
* Emit less E_NOTICEs and E_STRICTsAdrian Lang2009-11-04
* LinkWizard: don't add a title when useheading is used for content FS#1745Andreas Gohr2009-11-02
* save compressed css/js caches with io_saveFile and check for gzip supportAndreas Gohr2009-10-18
* Whitespace cleanup FS#1709furun2009-10-16
* do not display full path names in JS comments FS#1770Andreas Gohr2009-10-06
* simplify JavaScript loadingAndreas Gohr2009-08-12
* Link Wizard addedAndreas Gohr2009-08-12
* Script lib for draggable DOM objectsAndreas Gohr2009-08-12
* more javascript refactoringAndreas Gohr2009-05-28
* start of toolbar javascript refactoringAndreas Gohr2009-05-15
* Support for multirange requests for media FS#1630Andreas Gohr2009-03-13
* fixed multiple gzip/sendfile problems in css and js dispatchers FS#1571Andreas Gohr2009-01-22
* further updates to config_cascade patchChris Smith2009-01-22
* Add capability to send pre-compressed js & css files if the browser can accep...Chris Smith2009-01-18
* The last "removed ALT+ from recent changes accesskeys" patch by Michael Klier...Samuele Tognini2008-10-19
* Include host in the seed for the JS and the CSS cachenames (FS#1487)Gina Haeussge2008-10-12
* Spellchecker removedAndreas Gohr2007-11-23
* Translatable JavaScript strings for pluginsGabriel Birke2007-10-26
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30
* don't use realpath() anymore (FS#1261 and others)Andreas Gohr2007-09-30
* AJAX for the index viewAndreas Gohr2007-07-16
* regex fix for JavaScript includesTom N Harris2007-06-16