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* fix mediamanager messages. closes #792Andreas Gohr2014-07-30
* use empty() where array values might not be setChristopher Smith2014-03-05
* fix expression passed by referenceGerrit Uitslag2013-10-15
* JSINFO in Media Manager: Initialize with empty array, as $ID and $NSMatthias Schulte2013-08-03
* Populate global variable JSINFO also in the Media Manager popupMatthias Schulte2013-08-03
* fix comment grammarChristopher Smith2013-03-03
* make global, ensure created in mediamanager is global and merged with any p...Christopher Smith2013-03-03
* Merge branch 'master' into FS#2415Christopher Smith2013-02-25
| * Media manager: don't create empty namespaces FS#2642Michael Hamann2013-02-16
| * introduced http_status() for sending HTTP status code FS#1698Andreas Gohr2013-02-16
* | FS#2415 add to mediamanager (refactor pageinfo() and shift MEDIAMANAGER_STAR...Christopher Smith2013-02-16
* fix necessary global declarationTom N Harris2012-06-29
* Input validation for media managerTom N Harris2012-06-28
* issue #9 config option to disable media revisions, authKate Arzamastseva2011-08-02
* mediamanager fixKate Arzamastseva2011-07-08
* mediamanager ajax formsKate Arzamastseva2011-07-04
* restoring old media revisionsKate Arzamastseva2011-06-30
* media manager auth fixKate Arzamastseva2011-06-23
* fullscreen media managerKate Arzamastseva2011-06-09
* Pass edid to the mediamanagerAdrian Lang2011-03-06
* XML-RPC deleteAttachment now uses media_deleteAdrian Lang2011-02-06
* FS#1795: Restrict media manager to users with at least read accessGina Haeussge2010-06-27
* removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* Set php setting for Flash multi uploader FS#1641Andreas Gohr2009-11-28
* fixed message on deleting a file successfullyAndreas Gohr2009-11-15
* don't check filesize but rely on error on upload FS#1716Andreas Gohr2009-11-15
* fix printf calls in mediamanager FS#1711Christian Marg2009-06-05
* Multiple enhancements in the flash uploaderAndreas Gohr2009-06-05
* replaced str_replace with sprintf in media managerAndreas Gohr2009-01-16
* fix for FS#1534Michael Klier2009-01-16
* catch too big uploads FS#1552Andreas Gohr2009-01-16
* Added a MEDIAMANAGER_STARTED eventAndreas Gohr2008-12-10
* experimental Flash based multi uploadAndreas Gohr2008-06-07
* use fulltext index to search for used media files FS#1336 FS#1275Andreas Gohr2008-02-23
* redirect to root namespace in mediamanager when namespace was deleted FS#1286Andreas Gohr2008-02-15
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30
* don't use realpath() anymore (FS#1261 and others)Andreas Gohr2007-09-30
* IO action eventsBen Coburn2006-07-05
* more mediamanager fixesAndreas Gohr2006-05-25
* minor media manager tweaksAndreas Gohr2006-05-20
* new mediamanagerAndreas Gohr2006-05-19