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* fixed references to images in old template (FS#2816)Anika Henke2013-07-21
* removed some more occurances of DOKU_TPL*Andreas Gohr2012-02-01
* Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
* don't use fullpath() before initializedAndreas Gohr2007-09-30
* don't use realpath() anymore (FS#1261 and others)Andreas Gohr2007-09-30
* opensearch uses correct path to templatesTom N Harris2007-04-02
* added missing with/height attributes to opensearch image tagMichael Klier2007-01-25
* fix opensearch icon searchMike Frysinger2006-12-07
* OpenSearch supportAndreas Gohr2006-11-10