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* Fix sorting in media manager search (FS#2423)Adrian Lang2012-01-13
* fixed no align option in media settings modal window (FS#2411)Anika Henke2011-12-27
* fixed list type being sometimes undefinedAnika Henke2011-12-04
* bind JS for revision diff also when called through AJAX (fixes checkbox selec...Anika Henke2011-11-30
* fixed link wizard being appended to every div.dokuwiki (FS#2395) and changed ...Anika Henke2011-11-28
* only strip special chars when suggesting an upload name FS#2377Andreas Gohr2011-11-28
* rely on jQuery UI's dialog methods for toggling the linkwizard FS#2394Andreas Gohr2011-11-27
* IE8: fix namespace selection in link wizard FS#2391Andreas Gohr2011-11-27
* IE doesn't know indexOf for arrays FS#2381Andreas Gohr2011-11-27
* fix IE8 error FS#2381Andreas Gohr2011-11-27
* fix jQuery capitalizationElan Ruusamäe2011-11-24
* improved $.browser usage in media panel fixAnika Henke2011-11-06
* fixed resizing mediamanager panels in Chrome using browser sniffing (FS#2351)...Anika Henke2011-11-06
* Remove font family declarations from css in the jquery update scriptGuy Brand2011-11-05
* re-added font-size to .ui-widget of jqueryui theme to make programmatical rem...Anika Henke2011-11-05
* removed font declarations from jquery-ui themeAnika Henke2011-11-05
* fix widths of panels in fullscreen mediamanager to be 100% when resizing (FS#...Anika Henke2011-11-03
* Better solution for updating files list in media manager on deleteHakan Sandell2011-10-30
* Full screen media manager, file list is now updated on delete (FS#2346)Hakan Sandell2011-10-29
* Let mediamanager screen expand on window resize (FS#2351)Adrian Lang2011-10-29
* Fix upload to deeper namespaces with new AJAX uploaderAndreas Gohr2011-10-23
* media manager: removed obsolete and broken hiding of parts of the option labelsAnika Henke2011-10-15
* removed remnants of old flash uploader (FS#2335)Anika Henke2011-10-15
* media manager: IE7 fixes (and other small improvements)Anika Henke2011-09-27
* whitespace fixes: tabs to spacesAnika Henke2011-09-25
* removed obsolete todoAnika Henke2011-09-25
* media manager: file uploader improvementsAnika Henke2011-09-25
* media manager: fixed and improved diff viewsAnika Henke2011-09-25
* Fixed the Windows share warning (related to #2274)Andreas Gohr2011-09-25
* Small JavaScript improvementsAdrian Lang2011-09-24
* Fix swipe diff JSAdrian Lang2011-09-24
* More mediamanager reworkingAdrian Lang2011-09-24
* Only resize to fullscreen if screen is big enoughAdrian Lang2011-09-22
* Fix resizing and file panel AJAX-based tabsAdrian Lang2011-09-19
* Fix mediamanager JS (diffs not yet working)Adrian Lang2011-09-18
* Update jQuery and jQuery UI versionsAdrian Lang2011-09-17
* improved media options css (and removed lots of dead css code)Anika Henke2011-09-16
* Increase compatibility in addEventAdrian Lang2011-09-16
* Increase locktimer compatibilityAdrian Lang2011-09-16
* Use jQuery UI Dialog for linkwizAdrian Lang2011-09-15
* Readd variable declaration for plugin:sortablejsAdrian Lang2011-09-13
* Various JavaScript improvements, JSLint, jQueryAdrian Lang2011-09-13
* mediamanager window resize fixKate Arzamastseva2011-09-02
* issue #54 listview switch/sorting on searchKate Arzamastseva2011-08-27
* mergingKate Arzamastseva2011-08-25
| * Update jquery-cookie, cleanup dw_cookieAdrian Lang2011-08-22
| * Add missing callback param to dw_toggleAdrian Lang2011-08-22
| * Deprecate several helper functions, JSLINT helpers.jsAdrian Lang2011-08-22
| * page.js: Improve footnote cleaning regex, cleaner toc togglingAdrian Lang2011-08-22
| * JSLINT locktimer, fix date passing in draftsaveAdrian Lang2011-08-22