Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Revert "Remove sci-astronomy/astrometry-data, ebuild not ready yet"astrometry-dataCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove sci-astronomy/astrometry-data, ebuild not ready yetCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove dev-perl/Parse-Yapp, up-to-date version exists in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove media-video/aravis, ebuild exists in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Rename net-wirelss/lime-suite to limesuite like it is in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove sci-astronomy/ccd, obsolete, depends on Qt4Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Removed sci-astronomy/lin_guider, obsolete, last version depends on Qt4Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove sci-astronomy/open-phd-guiding obsolete version 1 of appCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove sci-astronomy/qastrocam-g2, obsolete, depends on Qt4, last release in ...Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove sci-astronomy/stellarium, up-to-date version is in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove games-utils/games_nebulaCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove dev-python/pycryptodome because up-to-date version is in main portage ...Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove app-crypt/tpm-tools because up-to-date version is in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Update app-crypt/acsccid to v1.1.7Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Update x11-libs/libQGLViewer to v2.7.2Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Update app-misc/bulbcalculator to v3.0.0Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Remove app-misc/datovka, up-to-date version is in main portage treeCtibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Update app-crypt/eobcanka to v3.1.2Ctibor Brančík2020-01-08
* Update manifest for eobcankaCtibor Brančík2019-09-24
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Brančík2019-09-24
| * Syntax correctionCtibor Brančík2019-07-30
| * Add media-plugins/kodi-pvr-sledovanitv-czCtibor Brančík2019-07-30
| * Add dev-python/pycrytodomexCtibor Brančík2019-07-30
* | Add app-crypt/eobcanka swCtibor Brančík2019-09-24
* | Add games-util/games_nebula GOG ClientCtibor Brančík2019-06-05
* Fix mistakes in indilib ebuilds made with v1.7.5 bump.Ctibor Brančík2019-01-03
* Mask sci-astronomy/ccd and sci-astronomy/lin_guiderCtibor Brančík2019-01-02
* Bump indilib to v1.7.5, including new drivers and depsCtibor Brančík2019-01-02
* Update instruction for overlay installationCtibor Brančík2018-11-05
* Change URI to git repository.Ctibor Brančík2018-11-05
* Update init script for indilibCtibor Brančík2018-09-20
* Remove unused pkgs from @cross-failCtibor Brančík2018-09-17
* Update cross-fail setCtibor Brančík2018-09-17
* Remove obsolete indilib-driver-tess.Ctibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Update @indilib-live setCtibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Add new driver for indilibCtibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Adjust path to source for indi TESS driver.Ctibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Update manifestsCtibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Bump indilib and drivers to 1.7.4Ctibor Brančík2018-08-18
* Fix path in patchCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Adjust patch for dev-libs/wiringPiCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Update patches for dev-libs/wiringPiCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Add needed patches for dev-libs/wiringPiCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Remove old dev-libs/wiringPi ebuildsCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Revert "Remove old version of wiringPi"Ctibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Remove old version of wiringPiCtibor Brančík2018-07-30
* Update wiringPi, taken from Brančík2018-07-30
* Make sci-astronomy/stellarium unstableCtibor Brančík2018-07-24
* Add sci-astronomy/stellariumCtibor Brančík2018-07-24
* Remove TODO from $DOCSCtibor Brančík2018-07-24