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* Add link to full size image.Ctibor Brančík2017-04-25
* Modify link.Link methods to abstract "*.jpeg" extCtibor Brančík2017-03-25
* Add pagination to the bottom of indexCtibor2017-03-23
* Use even better arrows for menuCtibor2017-03-23
* Better arrows for menuCtibor2017-03-23
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
| * Add arrows to links in menuCtibor Brančík2017-03-23
* | Add footer to index and improve paginationCtibor2017-03-23
* | Add pagination to index pageCtibor2017-03-23
* | rename Link.caption to Link.timestampCtibor2017-03-23
* | Modify links in index to display timestampCtibor2017-03-23
* | Display caption with date stamp under the image.Ctibor2017-03-23
* Swap links for prev / nextCtibor Brančík2017-03-23
* Divide existing code into modules and introduce display and configCtibor Brančík2017-03-22