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* Fix link path to full size imgCtibor Brančík2017-04-25
* Add link to full size image.Ctibor Brančík2017-04-25
* Remove unused var self.existsCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Introduce var self.latest and use to compare date valuesCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Reverse comparison operator of courseCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Handle properly the method self.str in Link.imglinkCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Convert method to string!Ctibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Display link to nonexistent image only if it is not newer than first oneCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Generate links even for images, that do not exist fo easier navigation.Ctibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Add configurable delay between each shotCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Fix bad argument in Link.srcCtibor Brančík2017-03-25
* Remove fixed prefix from datadirCtibor Brančík2017-03-25
* Modify link.Link methods to abstract "*.jpeg" extCtibor Brančík2017-03-25
* Add pagination to the bottom of indexCtibor2017-03-23
* Add method to return first image in sequenceCtibor2017-03-23
* Add thumbnail to index viewCtibor2017-03-23
* Fix bad variable nameCtibor2017-03-23
* rename Link.caption to Link.timestampCtibor2017-03-23
* Display caption with date stamp under the image.Ctibor2017-03-23
* Remove unused variableCtibor Brančík2017-03-23
* Divide existing code into modules and introduce display and configCtibor Brančík2017-03-22