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* Add faviconCtibor Brančík2017-03-27
* Add background color to captionCtibor2017-03-23
* Smaller spaces between main menu itemsCtibor2017-03-23
* Adjust position and appearance of the main page boxCtibor2017-03-23
* Add style for index thumbnailsCtibor2017-03-23
* Add color to headingCtibor2017-03-23
* Better index display. Adjust positioning.Ctibor2017-03-23
* Make link to index display like links in menuCtibor Brančík2017-03-23
* Change appearance for hypertext linksCtibor Brančík2017-03-22
* Fix indentation in style.cssCtibor Brančík2017-03-22
* "Initial commit"Ctibor2017-03-22