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authorMichael Hamann <>2013-07-21 22:59:27 +0200
committerMichael Hamann <>2013-07-21 23:31:13 +0200
commit6b0ec830e5ac0044252908630e52d4494f1df570 (patch)
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parentfbd8067eeeb9f424981aad8b283e17f734c738c3 (diff)
In debug mode: catch and log JS errors with file information
When debugging is enabled (allowdebug enabled) JS errors are now catched for each non-core JS file and logged with the additional information from which file they came. This should make it easier to find out which plugin is the cause for broken JS code. The feature isn't enabled by default as defining functions inside try-clauses isn't allowed in strict mode and causes a warning at least in Firefox.
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diff --git a/lib/exe/js.php b/lib/exe/js.php
index 4ff48133e..06769d895 100644
--- a/lib/exe/js.php
+++ b/lib/exe/js.php
@@ -104,10 +104,13 @@ function js_out(){
// load files
foreach($files as $file){
$ismin = (substr($file,-7) == '.min.js');
+ $debugjs = ($conf['allowdebug'] && strpos($file, DOKU_INC.'lib/scripts/') !== 0);
echo "\n\n/* XXXXXXXXXX begin of ".str_replace(DOKU_INC, '', $file) ." XXXXXXXXXX */\n\n";
if($ismin) echo "\n/* BEGIN NOCOMPRESS */\n";
+ if ($debugjs) echo "\ntry {\n";
+ if ($debugjs) echo "\n} catch (e) {\n logError(e, '".str_replace(DOKU_INC, '', $file)."');\n}\n";
if($ismin) echo "\n/* END NOCOMPRESS */\n";
echo "\n\n/* XXXXXXXXXX end of " . str_replace(DOKU_INC, '', $file) . " XXXXXXXXXX */\n\n";