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* removed deprecated JavaScriptAndreas Gohr2015-07-31
* cache JavaScript per templateAnika Henke2015-05-04
* send JavaScript with correct mimetypeAndreas Gohr2015-03-03
* Remove error supression for file_exists()Andreas Gohr2015-01-07
* Extendable config cascade for userstyles and userscriptGerrit Uitslag2014-12-10
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into scrutinizerissuesGerrit Uitslag2014-12-09
| * Fixed JavaScript compression. The compressor did not recognize a regular expr...LarsDW2232014-10-15
| * Corrected compression for ++ and -- operator. Partially fixes #897.LarsDW2232014-10-14
* | more PHPDocs, unused var, small bit code reformattingGerrit Uitslag2014-10-01
* fix include_once for JavaScriptAndreas Gohr2014-04-09
* strip sourcemaps in CSS and JS #601Andreas Gohr2014-03-15
* PHPDocs js.phpGerrit Uitslag2014-02-18
* localize jQuery UI date picker FS#2912Andreas Gohr2014-01-17
* add cookie secure parameter to cookies set by javascriptGerrit Uitslag2013-10-10
* Use in cookie a correct path, added DOKU_COOKIEPATH to js constantsGerrit Uitslag2013-10-08
* Fix CodeSniffer violationsMatt Perry2013-08-27
* Enable LANG.template.<template>.key to provide localized strings in templatesKlap-in2013-08-02
* In debug mode: catch and log JS errors with file informationMichael Hamann2013-07-21
* disabled JavaScript compatibility layerAndreas Gohr2013-02-16
* removed obsolete browser plugin (migrate does it)Andreas Gohr2013-02-03
* added minified version of jquery-migrateAndreas Gohr2013-01-26
* added jquery-migrate as a copatibility layerAndreas Gohr2013-01-26
* jQuery latestStefan Grönke2013-01-19
* Simplify js_compress() for regular expressions FS#2593Michael Hamann2012-09-18
* do not recompress already minified js FS#2574Andreas Gohr2012-08-06
* replaced use of basename() with utf8_basename() FS#2015Andreas Gohr2012-07-28
* Correctly handle multiline strings in JS compressorAndreas Gohr2012-05-04
* Merge branch 'jscachekey'Andreas Gohr2012-03-10
| * trigger JS_CACHE_USE in lib/exe/js.phpAndreas Gohr2012-02-07
| * let js.php use multiple cachesDominik Eckelmann2012-01-24
* | removed some more occurances of DOKU_TPL*Andreas Gohr2012-02-01
* Various JavaScript improvements, JSLint, jQueryAdrian Lang2011-09-13
* mergingKate Arzamastseva2011-08-25
| * jqueryized locktimerAndreas Gohr2011-08-19
| * moved footnotes and section highlighting to ne fileAndreas Gohr2011-08-18
| * moved subscription javascript into behaviourAndreas Gohr2011-08-18
| * removed events.jsAndreas Gohr2011-08-18
* | issue #44 fileuploader specific changes made in inheriting classKate Arzamastseva2011-08-07
* | issue #44 multi file uploaderKate Arzamastseva2011-08-04
* Rewrite mediamanager JavaScriptAdrian Lang2011-07-10
* moved the TOC toggling to dw_behaviourAndreas Gohr2011-07-08
* moved some editor functions to a new dw_editor objectAndreas Gohr2011-07-08
* Refactor CSS and JS cachingAdrian Lang2011-07-02
* Fix and refactor ajax.jsAdrian Lang2011-06-23
* Fix index Javascript, introduce compatibility.jsAdrian Lang2011-06-21
* Moved behavioural functions into it's own object and fileAndreas Gohr2011-06-13
* fixed JavaScript compressor for certain regexesAndreas Gohr2011-06-05
* fixed typoAndreas Gohr2011-06-05
* Updated jQuery-UI, added jQuery updater, load theme in CSS dispatcherAndreas Gohr2011-06-05
* Add a newline when loading JavaScript filesAndreas Gohr2011-06-05