path: root/.htaccess.dist
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* removed Satisfy All directive FS#2750Andreas Gohr2013-04-19
* moved rewrite rules to uncomment together (FS#2484)Anika Henke2013-02-16
* FS#1878: Hide Dokuwiki version information from metadata and only show it to ...Gina Haeussge2010-06-26
* XMLRPC: added https rewrite rules to .htaccess.distMichael Klier2008-03-12
* Fix userewrite note in htaccess (FS#1013)Guy Brand gb@isis.u-strasbg.fr2007-01-28
* bug#808, add RewriteBase to .htaccess.distchris2006-05-30
* rewrite export URLsBen Coburn2006-04-05
* FollowSymLinks option as suggested in #723Andreas Gohr2006-03-02
* commented Options line in .htaccess.distAndreas Gohr2006-01-21
* URL rewriting for media filesAndreas Gohr2005-08-14
* .htaccess changes #302andi2005-05-04
* htaccess updateandi2005-01-14