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* Replace old constructor call by __construct() in dokuwiki_xmlrpc_serverGerrit Uitslag2015-06-15
* PHPDocs and some improvementsGerrit Uitslag2014-10-02
* Many PHPDocs, some unused and dyn declared varsGerrit Uitslag2014-10-01
* introduced http_status() for sending HTTP status code FS#1698Andreas Gohr2013-02-16
* Added more detail error code for unauthorized calls in xmlrpc interface.Tim Roes2012-04-18
* removed requires, changed conf check in xmlrpc.phpDominik Eckelmann2012-03-22
* replaced $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA with http_get_raw_post_data functionDominik Eckelmann2012-03-21
* Merge branch 'master' of Eckelmann2012-03-14
| * increased XMLRPC API version for 1d667b4Andreas Gohr2012-02-01
| * Fixed bug in XML-RPC search.Tim Roes2011-12-01
| * Second part of the error codes. Forgot some :(Tim Roes2011-11-29
| * Using sensefull error codes.Tim Roes2011-11-29
| * Fixed XML-RPC getAttachment method. Tim Roes2011-11-27
* | corrected commentDominik Eckelmann2012-02-05
* | refactored RemoteAccessDenied to RemoteAccessDeniedExceptionDominik Eckelmann2012-01-08
* | delegate file and date transformation to remote libraryDominik Eckelmann2012-01-08
* | set login as public methodDominik Eckelmann2012-01-08
* | transfered bugfix from dokuwiki 97a000f0551735b35606d94d59abc4ff440783a5Dominik Eckelmann2011-12-22
* | removed dublicated contentDominik Eckelmann2011-11-28
* Fix double-decoding in XMLRPC putAttachmentAdrian Lang2011-10-30
* Fix XML-RPC login method FS#2324Andreas Gohr2011-10-15
* Only send 401 if user is not logged in in XML-RPC FS#2133Michael Hamann2011-10-15
* Send a 401 Unauthorized header in XML-RPC when access is deniedMichael Hamann2011-10-15
* make use of auth_isMember() in XMLRPC authentication check FS#2287Andreas Gohr2011-07-10
* Merge branch 'master' into indexer_rewriteMichael Hamann2011-02-24
| * Use common media_save in media_upload and putAttachmentAdrian Lang2011-02-06
| * XML-RPC deleteAttachment now uses media_deleteAdrian Lang2011-02-06
* | Merge branch 'master' into indexer_improvementsMichael Hamann2011-01-23
| * Fix several security issues in the XML-RPC interfaceMichael Hamann2011-01-16
| * Remove enc=utf-8 in VIM modeline as it is not allowed in VIM 7.3Michael Hamann2010-11-29
| * Added XMLRPC dokuwiki:appendPageHakan Sandell2010-11-13
* | Indexer v3 Rewrite part two, update uses of indexerTom N Harris2010-12-29
* | Use a different indexer version when external tokenizer is enabledTom N Harris2010-11-17
* Add title index to the indexer files, improve indexer callsAdrian Lang2010-06-16
* added cleanID to xmlrpc call wiki.getBackLinksDominik Eckelmann2010-05-26
* Adding getTitle to the XML-RPC APIGeorges-Etienne Legendre2010-04-18
* Fix #1943: full text search XML-RPC call should return the $pages instead of ...Georges-Etienne Legendre2010-04-18
* Use md5sum of id and client ip as temporary filename in XML-RPCMichael Hamann2010-03-16
* Merge branch 'requireall'Andreas Gohr2010-03-12
| * removed require's in lib/exe/*Andreas Gohr2010-02-01
* | Move & rename HTML_PAGE_FROMTEMPLATE to common.phpAdrian Lang2010-03-10
* | added XMLRPC call FS#1882Andreas Gohr2010-02-28
* do not trim XMLRPC values FS#1824Andreas Gohr2009-12-19
* Security Fix: do not allow skipacl in XMLRPCAndreas Gohr2009-11-16
* restrict XMLRPC to configurable groups and usersAndreas Gohr2009-05-16
* removed debug statementsAndreas Gohr2009-03-08
* Support login in XMLRCP and added API version infoAndreas Gohr2009-03-03
* Fixed media size in getRecentMediaChanges XML-RPC call.michael2009-02-27
* streamlined media listingAndreas Gohr2009-02-23
* XMLRPC lock or unlock a whole bunch of pagesAndreas Gohr2009-02-20